Best Slingo Games To Play

The thorough success of the Slingo game throughout the decades has maintained its popularity because of its neverending upgrades and changes. Because of its popularity, the Slingo game has been licensed on multiple online slot game websites. No matter which platform or place you are playing some slot games, it would be no surprise to encounter a single Slingo-themed game out there. 

What is Slingo

Slingo is simply a portmanteau of “Slots” and “bingo”—a creative combination of two words that are applied to the game’s concept. Slingo started its humble beginnings way back in the 90s and is still popular nowadays. 

During a game, it features two games in one which are the bingo and the slot game. There are instances that this might initially overwhelm players who encounter a Slingo game for the first time because of numerous things going on at once. However, that is not entirely the case as long as you understand the basics of the game itself. 

How to Play a Slingo Game

Before choosing which best Slingo games you can play, it is recommended to at least understand the basics first of a Slingo game. Here is what you need to know: 

Upon beginning the game, there are usually a total of 25 different numbers displayed as a 5×5 grid. When you spin, a random number will appear. Whenever that random number matches any of the numbers in the reels, it will automatically mark them off. 

Keep spinning until you mark off a decent amount of numbers to create a lined pattern. It must be a horizontal, vertical, and diagonal line of marked-off numbers. Once you make lined patterns, you will begin progressing. The bonuses of Slingo usually start when you reach 5 lined patterns. Keep note that each Slingo game will vary when it comes to bonus threshold, mechanics, and the amounts of prizes. 

Basic Strategies 

Strategize marking off numbers. In some Slingo games, there are Wild and Super Wild symbols which help you mark off numbers anywhere on the reels. This is a good opportunity for you to mark off a spot in which it can form multiple lines. Maximize this bonus and you have a higher chance. 

Utilize the bonuses of Slingo games because these are the ones that can help you potentially win big prizes. These type of games are usually played in the long term. However, once you progress enough, you can finally unlock their bonuses. Remember, each bonus of a Slingo game may vary so it is recommended to read the game’s guidelines first. 

Regardless of the amount you are winning or to win yet, it is important to balance them out instead of constantly seeking out the juicer bonuses waiting for you. Slingo’s game is not entirely based on the player’s strategic forte, but also a significant portion of luck. Whenever you are out of spins, you either have the choice to add spins to continue or to completely stop and make a fresh start. However, these choices may be dependent on your current game progress. If you feel like you have steep and hard progress in reaching those games’ features and bonuses, it is better to make a fresh start rather than wasting your stakes away. But, on the other hand, if your progress seems likely to be smoother and you are near the bonuses, then this is where you take the risk of increasing the stake. Cashing out the prizes will always be the player’s choice, so always cash out wisely and don’t be greedy.

Most of the Slingo Rainbow Riches games in their platforms have their own free/demo mode. It is recommended to at least play them first so you can understand the basics and mechanics of the game you are playing. Additionally, this would also give you a glimpse of what to expect from the game’s aspects such as the symbols, bonuses, winning progress, graphics, and prizes. 

Choose a Slingo game wisely. There are multiple Slingo games out there on different platforms. It is important to consider which Slingo game has the higher RTP, bonus features, mechanics, graphics, or just its reputation in general. At the end of the day, what matters the most is the player’s enjoyment. 

Best and Popular Slingo Games to Play

Even with Slingo being a single Slot game mechanic, there are multiple games out there that you can enjoy. Despite their similarities as a Slingo game, the differences will be the benefiting factor of widening your choices. Each Slingo game mentioned here has its own graphics, soundtrack, style, RTPs, and even bonuses. It is totally up to you to choose which Slingo game you will be playing. 

The best Slingo games might be dependent on the player’s references. Nevertheless, here are some of the best and most popular Slingo games you can play:

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo Rainbow Riches features the Irish luck theme as the leprechaun will guide your way to victory by achieving the game’s bonuses. 

Monopoly Slingo

As the name suggests, it is a Slingo game in a Monopoly game format. Worry not as the general rules and mechanics are still the same. 

Slingo Extreme 

Slingo Extreme tests your attention and focus as the game is mostly fast-paced. Unlike your normal and traditional Slingo game, this particular game is more intense while not taking away its fun. 

Slingo Reel Riches

Sometimes, the best choice of choosing a slot game is a traditional one. Slingo Reel Riches takes on a route of incorporating classical Slingo slot game elements. Despite its familiarity with the players, it never ceases to provide them with a unique gaming experience. 

Slingo Fortunes

If you are into themed game gimmicks, Slingo Fortunes is one of the best choices because of its fortune-telling theme. Check out your fortune in a Slingo game format and test your luck here.

Slingo Cascade

Incorporating the Slingo and Cascade mechanics in one, this one is unlike your typical Slingo game. Instead of marking off the numbers permanently, Slingo Cascade adds new ones and they drop down. This is because they want to provide players with more opportunities to create Slingos and play the game as long as they want.